Unified Signal, Inc. Launches TEQfon MVNO bundled with its Buyonics Mobile Wallet Targeting the Youth Market

Kirkland, WA -- (Marketwired) -- 2/23/2015 – Unified Signal, Inc. (OTCQB: UNSI)), a leading software system in the telecommunications and mobile payments industry, today announced that it has launched the TEQfon MVNO (www.myteqfon.com) through its new joint venture with the TEQops Corporation, which is targeting the underserved youth market.

Unified Signal's Chief Executive Officer, Paris Holt, stated, "Our system has launched a great many MVNOs over the years, but not one of them has ever focused on the youth market. TEQfon is owned and operated by experienced retail and telecom entrepreneurs with the strategy to deliver a unique, well-rounded solution for the younger generation. We feel that they have innovative ideas on how to provide an exciting and thoughtfully designed service to the youth market and we believe that parents everywhere will see the benefit of the new service. TEQfon has developed specialized rates plans that the wireless carriers have embraced and they are currently working on a Phase 2 that will introduce a kid-centric version of our mobile wallet linked to a private label prepaid Visa debit card. Coupled with their proprietary mobile app, called SafTEQ, kids will be able to earn money, extra airtime, and even extended game time from their parents. SafTEQ will help kids to more fully learn the value of work and saving money for specific goals, while also providing parents with the ability to teach their kids the value of money and smart money management. It’s a great concept and Unified Signal is proud to have been selected to support all of their operational needs.”

TEQfon is wholly owned by its parent company, the TEQops Corporation, and SafTEQ will be the first “value-add” solution launched from the TEQops suite of products and services. In phase 2, TEQops will launch its mobile wallet and prepaid debit card under their “Buyonics” Wallet brand. The company will be targeting the approximately 55 Million kids in the United States that range from ages 5 to 18. The all-inclusive service will bundle affordable prepaid rate plans with no contracts or costly overage charges, feature rich Android smart phones starting at under $100 – complete with screen protectors and custom cases to keep the child’s TEQnology safe – and the SafTEQ state-of-the-art “life-management” mobile app solution. The mobile app will allow parents to meter technology and communication time, pre-screen and manage viewable content, and set monetary goals with their children to encourage participation in household chores, all made possible by the Buyonics Wallet.

Unified Signal’s mobile wallet platform has been under development for the last 7 years and has been deployed in the US for the last 2 years. Unified Signal supports US based MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators). MVNOs account for about 25% of US wireless subscribers and use the wireless carrier’s network spectrum to offer private label wireless services to its end customers. Unified Signal’s MVNO and mobile wallet enablement suite provides a completely turnkey back office solution for its clients including billing and rating, customer service, revenue assurance, payment processing, equipment provisioning, and fulfillment services.

TEQops’ Chief Executive Officer, Jeremiah Cox, states, “We have been in the MVNO industry for quite some time, primarily in the M2M (Machine to Machine) space. After an extensive amount of market research, development and building of strategic relationships, we have determined that the youth market segment is significantly underserved and under penetrated. Parents and children alike need what we are building, and the opportunity is exciting. Unified Signal has exactly the right technology and scale that we need to launch and grow our business. We can integrate our existing technology into theirs and create an exciting product portfolio for kids. Our TEQops portfolio of products and services will make technology meaningful and fun for kids, reducing attrition and keeping our customers loyal, month after month. Parents will be able to track and better communicate with their children, while teaching them about strategic saving and spending with our Buyonics Wallet, powered by Unified’s mobile wallet software suite. TEQfon’s airtime plans will start as low as $5 per month and have been custom-crafted based on how kids use the phone. This provides huge costs savings for parents, who get all the benefits of being better connected with their child, but without the huge price tag. Safety is a major concern. With all the products and services offered through TEQops, parents can introduce the best technology to children on their governed terms, with affordable access to premium devices and nationwide airtime. Our “soft launch” Beta-Tester Membership Program will further allow us to gain insight into how our solutions and pricing are being received.”

About Unified Signal
Unified Signal, Inc (OTCQB: UNSI) is a SaaS (software as a service) based billing and back office platform, which enables companies in virtually any industry sector to launch cellular, as well as mobile wallet services using their existing brand. Unified Signal's SaaS platform and infrastructure allows clients to implement faster, have more control over the system with feature rich tools, while being more cost efficient than other solution providers. Unified Signal's turnkey telecom and mobile wallet billing platform allows its clients to sell, provision, fulfill, and care for multiple telecom services, including pre and post-paid cellular, local, long distance, Internet, and now mobile banking. Unified Signal's platform is integrated with most major U.S. carriers as well as banks and wireless carriers across the world. The platform also allows clients to private label mobile banking services including a full mobile wallet linked to a prepaid debit card.

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