About Unified Signal

Unified Signal has offices in Seattle, Houston, Ft. Lauderdale, and Minneapolis. Unified’s BSS/OSS over the last 20+ years has activated over 2 Million customers and has launch over 150 brands enabling them to launch a variety of services. Unified Signal has built its own CRM as well as network components such as IN, HLR, SMSC, and MMSC for more network "Heavy" rollouts. Our systems have been in developmnt since 1998 and the company has assembled a highly seasoned senior management and client support team that can support US and international clients.

Unified Signal's turnkey back office infrastructure allows its clients to sell, provision, fulfill, and care for multiple telecom services, including pre and post-paid cellular, VoIP, IoT, home telephone, internet, long distance, financial services, music streaming, and wellness services. The system is completely rules based, which allows for much greater speed of integration and customization than other systems.

"We wanted to create an enablement suite that allows our clients to resale any type of service including telecom, financial services, music streaming, and even wellness services. Our mission statement is to obtain better economies of scale, greater functionality, and increased profitability for our valued clients."

CEO, Paris Holt

The Unified Signal Difference

25 years in business enabling MVNOs. Launched over 100 private label MVNOs. Powerful private label mobile wallet module. Customers have access to a state of the art private label dialer included in their monthly package. Senior Management are industry leaders who have each been in the telecom industry for 20+ years.