Unified Signal Signs Exclusive Product Deal with Pharmazam to offer Mobile Customers Healthcare Services via Secured Crypto-Wallet

Unified Signal expands its MVNO service enablement offering to include a feature rich consumer healthcare / wellness offering secured by its proprietary blockchain crypto-wallet

Kirkland, WA -- 11/22/2017 – Unified Signal, Inc. (OTCQB: UNSI), is a leading developer of cloud based enterprise level Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for the wireless and mobile wallet industry, announced today that it has entered into an exclusive agreement with Pharmazam to launch a suit of on-demand wellness services using DNA analysis and testing. The product will have 5 available modules including; ancestry information, metabolism analysis, disease screening, drug to gene interactions, and an optional allergen test.

The collaboration will allow customers to screen over 18,000 approved prescribed and OTC drugs to determine what the likely hood is of how customers will respond to those drugs. Pharmazam’s personalized medication management system instantly checks drug to drug, drug to gene, drug to illness, drug to allergy, and drug to lifestyle and then compares that information to the person’s personalized healthcare profile so that the absolute best medication choice can be made. Unified Signal and Pharmazam through its partnership, will also be adding genetic disease screening for more than 3,400 diseases, ancestry type analysis, and telemedicine services to the product portfolio.

The new on-demand wellness service which is being secured in Unified Signal’s crypto-wallet, can be purchased by consumers and for a small monthly recurring fee, they will receive real-time updates as new medications enter the marketplace and as breakthroughs occur each month in the disease diagnostic arena.

This deal comes on the heels of the much anticipated crypto-wallet scope expansion, which now will house crypto-currency as well as healthcare and wellness data. Unified Signal is on track to deploy the new crypt-wallet as well as the heath wallet and wellness services in Q1 2018.

Unified Signal’s partnership with BurstIQ and their HIPPA-compliant blockchain platform will ensure that customer data is completely secure within the new crypto-wallet product suite.

Paris Holt, CEO of Unified Signal commented, "In the 18 years of delivering billing and care related services to our client’s customers, the addition of what we are calling on-demand wellness services is by far the most cutting edge and exciting. It’s a service my family needs personally and a service that we believe will be embraced all around the world. For a couple of dollars a month, customers will soon be able to send valuable information to their doctors so that primary care physicians, for the first time, can be much more proactive in their patient care plan. I believe that the future of fighting diseases such as cancer and many other genetic related diseases, is more money going into R&D, but at the same time doctors being more proactive with each patient by better understanding their DNA makeup."

Scott Alan, CEO of Pharmazam commented, "Our partnership with Unified Signal is a very exciting and dramatic shift in our strategy to go to market. The addition of our new advanced healthcare services, coupled with Unified Signal’s service enablement billing platform, which is now being locked down with cutting edge blockchain technology, is the perfect storm of technology convergence to provide customers with the first ever proactive wellness services built to provide doctors with additional ammunition to create the most optimum patient care plan possible."

Frank Ricotta, CEO of BurstIQ stated, "BurstIQ is proud to be a part of this technology consortium. Our blockchain-based, HIPAA-compliant platform ensures that all data is locked down, making customers' sensitive information extremely secure. This is essential when dealing with highly personal data such as the data generated by Pharmazam’s suite of genomic tests. I believe that Pharmazam's products, combined with Unified Signal’s cloud-based point-of-sale, billing, and care platform, will revolutionize medical services around the world."

About Unified Signal, Inc.TM
Unified Signal (OTCQB:UNSI) is a leading developer of cloud based enterprise level SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions for the mobile payment and wireless industry. Unified Signal offers private label billing enablement solutions, enabling companies in any industry sector to resell cellular service, home telephone service, IoT, mobile wallet, and debit card enablement services. Unified Signal’s turn-key platform allows its clients to sell, provision, fulfill, bill, and process nearly any type of product and service and efficiently bundled all on one ubiquitous platform.

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About PharmazamTM
Pharmazam is a revolutionary personalized wellness management system combining a proprietary Smartphone application and web interface with an advanced proprietary pharmacogenetic test to unlock a person’s genetic sequencing as it relates to their ancestry, varying metabolic rates, propensity for certain genetic diseases, optimal drug usage, and overall health improvement. Utilizing industry leading health indexes, databases, and resources, Pharmazam delivers the most accurate wellness information in the world’s only real-time updated report via the individual’s phone before any healthcare decisions are decided upon. Pharmazam has simplified the complex interaction between one’s genetic identity and its effect on everyone’s overall wellness. www.pharmazam.com

About BurstIQTM
BurstIQ ™ is a leading healthcare blockchain data company. The company offers a HIPAA-compliant OEM B2B platform that seamlessly leverages blockchain technology through machine intelligence to enable healthcare businesses and individuals to access, understand, and control their health data.  The BurstIQ OEM B2C Ecosystem allows for new monetization of individual and business data to transact through a network of marketplaces for personalized products and services, value-added B2B services, research opportunities, and peer-to-peer networks. The BurstIQ platform and Ecosystem work together to improve the advanced security of big health data, increase health access and personal empowerment, reduce healthcare costs, and enable new insights and care models. It’s not just your data. It’s your life.

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