Unified Signal and Carnegie Technologies Enter into JV and Launch Valorus to Offer Fintech Enablement Services to Enterprise Clients WorldWide.

Valorus enables its clients to launch private label fintech services including, mobile wallet, debit card, payroll / commission processing, crypto / alternative currency, cross border payments, and merchant processing.

Austin, TX – October 31, 2019 - Valorus, has been created to help enterprise-level organizations expand their brand into financial services, to drive new recurring revenues, reduce customer churn, decrease merchant processing fees and streamline money management processes such as employee payments and more. Valorus helps companies better monetize their customer base by offering a strong, safe, and secure fintech solution that can be implemented quickly and without the requirement for internal R&D resources.

The Valorus announcement was made this week at the Money 20/20 conference in Las Vegas, the world's biggest event covering payments and financial services innovation for connected commerce at the intersection of mobile, retail, marketing services, data and technology. Paris Holt, the CEO of Unified Signal, will double as the CEO of Valorus Technologies, providing the company with an experienced leader and ensure Valorus’ operational success. Carnegie Technologies is providing its executive leadership team and its deep financial resources, which will provide Valorus with the resources needed to expand the Unified Signal system internationally.

Designed for large retailers, hospitality companies, service providers such as wireless MVNOs, HR/payroll, labor platforms and more, the Valorus white label fintech solution enables employers to more cost efficiently make payments and other transactions and even offer microloans to their customers in real time and around the world. Valorus’ feature-rich mobile wallet and debit card can be private labeled by any brand with modules available to reduce merchant processing fees and even manage alternative currencies. The solution also significantly reduces the costs for end users moving money to family and friends worldwide as well as for companies sending and receiving payments from customers and suppliers. With Valorus, companies can generate new recurring revenue streams, averaging $3-$5 per user per month, provide a better deal on financial services their customers already use, drive greater brand loyalty and create additional in-person and online traffic.

"Valorus has been designed to provide companies a strong competitive edge by removing the complexities and hurdles of offering extremely secure financial services to their customer base,” said Paris Holt, CEO of Unified Signal and Valorus Technologies. “Brands can now round out their portfolio offering with financial services that are tested and proven, as well as offer a complementary set of functionality and value-added services that no other fintech product offers today."

Additional Valorus features include:

  • Merchant Payment Processing: Enable secure purchases and receive payments in real-time with no bad debt exposure. Reduce credit card processing costs and increase the speed and security of transactions.
  • Multi-currency support: Convert to any currency, including alternative currencies, via a simple interface.
  • Free money transfers: Customers can move money from their mobile wallet to other users’ accounts around the world in real-time and at no cost.
  • Free bulk transactions: Move money to and from any mobile wallet or debit card, including for corporate payroll.
  • Unprecedented security: Enjoy peace of mind with block-chain, third-party authentication and Valorus’ artificial intelligence-based security platform.
  • Micro-loans: Provide customers or employees with short-term financial assistance and issue micro loans directly to the customer’s mobile wallet.
  • Micropayments & commissioning: Make it easy to process and distribute payments to customers, agents and consultants fast and with no transaction costs.
  • Nextgen payroll processing: Streamline systems and reduce transaction costs while enabling employees to receive funds instantaneously.
  • Cross-platform access: Available on iOS and Android phones, watches and tablets.
  • Customizable: The entire platform integrates with a customizable suite of applications for mobile, wearables, points of sale, member services and customer communications.
  • Additional value-added services: Offer customers embedded value-added services, such as wireless services, music streaming, wellness services and more.

Valorus can be seen at Money 20/20 Conference at booth #3835. To schedule a demo or get more information, go to www.valorus.com.

About Valorus
Valorus is a joint venture between Carnegie Technologies, an umbrella company incubating and delivering innovative products and services and creating new markets in the technology landscape, including Fintech, IoT, Satellite, Communications, Mobile Entertainment, Music Streaming and more; and Unified Signal, which first developed a powerful mobile wallet and virtual bank for the United States Department of Defense to military specifications for data and has since served more than 2 million other customers and has enabled more than 150 brands to launch a variety of offerings over the past 20 years. The Valorus white-label fintech solution provides companies with an enterprise-grade fintech platform that is secure, cost-efficient and easy to use. The suite is interoperable with virtually all global payment platforms via the Valorus MCN (Mobile Clearinghouse Network), making it a highly cost-effective option for consumers looking to manage their money online.