Unified Signal, Inc. adds Amir Bayyan to its Board.

Kirkland, WA -- (Marketwired) -- 1/9/2017 – Unified Signal, Inc. (OTCQB: UNSI), a leading software system in the telecommunications and mobile payments industry, today announced that it has expanded its board to include songwriter, producer, and lead guitarist for Kool and the Gang, Amir Bayyan.

Mr. Bayyan is an extremely talented and successful musician and businessman. His contacts and connections in the music and entertainment industry are second to none. Having been a part of one of the most successful musical acts of the last quarter century, allowed Mr. Bayyan to reach the very pinnacle of achievement in the music industry and as a result, is entrenched as a musical legend. He is not only well respected by his fellow musicians as one of the finest musicians in one of America’s legendary bands, but is also equally respected by corporate America as an astute businessman.

Mr. Bayyan plans on taking an active role in helping Unified Signal build its business, and is uniquely suited to assist the Company in launching its expansion into Music and IPTV Video streaming enablement in 2017. The addition of such a well-respected and loved musician and businessman, will greatly enhance Unified’s stature in the marketplace, and the Company is excited and thrilled to begin 2017 with this wonderful addition to its Board of Directors.

Amir Bayyan stated, "After working with Unified Signal for the last couple of months, it became clearly apparent to me that Unified Signal has built something special and based on my background, I plan to significantly help guide and grow this company. Their management embraces innovation and even in the last couple of months working together, we have already paved the way to expand Unified Signal’s service offerings into sales verticals that have never been explored in the past. I look forward to this exciting partnership and what we can accomplish together."

Unified Signal's Chief Executive Officer, Paris Holt, stated, "Amir Bayyan has quickly become a key contributor to the success in our expansion into Music and IPTV video streaming enablement. Amir has spent his entire career in the entertainment industry and has built some very impressive relationships with key companies in the space as well as corporate America, but what is even more impressive, is his ability to understand what Unified Signal has built and his vision of where we can go. For the last 19 years, Unified Signal has focused on telecom enablement. Amir's vision expands our scope to include the enablement of A-List actors, musicians, and corporate opportunities that we once thought not possible. His out of the box thinking is exactly what our company needs to foster exponential revenue growth in the years to come."

Mr. Bayyan expects to hit the ground running and feels very strongly that he will be able to help Unified grow and take the Company to the next level of success, something he clearly knows a thing or two about.

About Unified Signal
Unified Signal is a SaaS (software as a service) based billing and back office solution which enables companies in virtually any industry sector to resell cellular service as well as other types of services and all using their existing brand. Unified Signal’s turnkey cloud-based billing solution allows its clients to sell, provision, fulfill, and care for multiple types of services, including cellular, local, long distance, mobile commerce and soon music streaming, video streaming, & security monitoring. Unified Signal also enables its clients to private label and launch their own PayPal type service including a full mobile wallet linked to a debit MasterCard. Unified’s proprietary money movement technology allows its customers to move money all over the world in real-time and for FREE.

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