UNIFIED SIGNAL Launches Next Generation of its Innovative Feature Rich Turnkey MVNE Solution

Redmond, Wash. — June 1, 2009 Unified Signal, a leading innovator in the global telecommunications industry, today announced its next generation SaaS based MVNE solution which now delivers an even more robust feature set, while still providing its MVNO clients with a cost efficient operating infrastructure and quick speed to market. MVNEs can provide their customers with leading-edge service while dramatically reducing system set-up and maintenance costs.

“Unified Signal’s mission has been to empower its MVNO clients with its feature rich cloud based telecom billing solution and to tailor to each client’s specific requirement,” said Paris Holt, founder of Unified Signal. “The changes that we have made in this iteration of code have been to improve on the amount of carriers we have integrated with and increase the amount of rules that our system utilizes, thereby supporting a higher level of customization available for each of our clients.”

Traditionally, MVNOs have been able to successfully target niche markets. With Unified Signal’s SaaS based platform, MVNOs can focus their attention on marketing, sales and handsets, rather than the network infrastructure, billing and rating, and other back office functions. Unified Signal’s platform solution allows for greater economies of scale by defraying much of the costs to manage the operations of an MVNO between many MVNO clients. These economies of scale can make the difference between losing money and becoming a successful and profitable MVNO.

“Since its founding, Unified Signal has built a reputation for customer responsiveness, technology excellence and leading-edge innovation that has kept it at the forefront of the market,” said Melissa Watson, VP of Business Development of Unified Signal. “We try to be much more than a billing and operating system for our clients. We go the extra mile and assist them with pricing, marketing strategy, as well as help them increase their sales.”

With its newest iteration of code, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) looking to reduce operating expenses and improve the provisioning of their telecommunication services can now take advantage of Unified Signal’s platform. These companies can stay competitive with incumbent local exchange carriers through an easy-to-manage, low-cost system that works with broadband connections to deliver a variety of local phone service features.

With the Unified Signal billing platform, which is called TelBill, companies can access powerful online management and provisioning tools by migrating their systems from traditional legacy networks to the TelBill billing platform. Unified Signal’s solution eliminates the hassles of expensive switching platforms and carrier integrations and gives users the ability to manage their entire business with a full suite of APIs that easily integrate into their company’s existing legacy systems.

About Unified Signal
Unified Signal is a SaaS (software as a service) based billing and back office platform, which enables companies in virtually any industry sector to launch cellular, as well as other telecom services using their existing brand. Unified Signal’s SaaS platform and infrastructure allows clients to implement faster, have more control over the system with feature rich tools, while being more cost efficient than other solution providers. Unified Signal’s turnkey telecom billing platform allows its clients to sell, provision, fulfill, and care for multiple telecom services, including pre and post-paid cellular, local, long distance, Internet, and mobile banking. Unified Signal's SaaS platform is integrated with most major U.S. carriers. The platform also enables clients to private label mobile banking services including a full mobile wallet linked to a prepaid debit card. www.unifiedsignal.com