Unified Signal, Inc. 2021 Letter to Shareholders

Austin, TX -- 3/13/2021 – Unified Signal, Inc.,

Dear Shareholders,
As is customary at the end of each year, I wanted to take this opportunity to recap our achievements for 2020. 2020 was a year full of global turmoil, social anxiety, and sadness. Covid-19 has changed the new normal for all businesses around the world. We lost an executive to the pandemic and we lost some smaller clients, but our strong and diversified foundation allowed us to weather the storm and used 2020 as an opportunity to invest in R&D and continue to build more functionality around our fintech enablement product suite.

To summarize who we are, Unified Signal (www.unifiedsignal.com) is a SaaS (software as a service) based billing and back office solution, which, enables companies in virtually any industry sector, to expand their brand into additional service categories. Unified Signal’s turnkey billing enablement solution allows its clients to sell, provision, fulfill, and care for multiple services, including: wireless, home telephone, wellness services, music streaming, and most importantly our flagship product: mobile wallet / debit card enablement services. Unified Signal’s enablement technology infrastructure allows clients to increase revenues, decrease costs, and further differentiate from competitors in their market vertical. We provide our clients with a turnkey solution including any licenses that they may need.

Major Milestones of 2020:
Organo (www.organogold.com): In 2019, Unified Signal on-boarded this billion-dollar coffee company who now has over 150,000 employees worldwide. Organo has continued to grow domestically and internationally and is playing a very strategic role in Unified Signal’s long-term success. In 2020 and in partnership with Organo, Unified Signal launched a new cryptocurrency exchange which provides the ability for customers to buy and sell the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market. Most importantly, Unified Signal and Organo together created a technology that allows customers to sell their cryptocurrency and those funds are immediately moved to their mobile wallet or debit card. This allows Unified Signal cryptocurrency holders to buy goods and services in real-time anywhere Visa and MasterCard is accepted. Most cryptocurrency exchanges take days if not weeks for customers to get their funds.

Kinesis Launch: After a 24-month deployment, Kinesis has launched its Visa debit card and is now activating US customers. (https://kinesis.money/) Kinesis has launched and US customers are able to buy and sell their commodity backed Kinesis cryptocurrency using their Unified Signal powered Kinesis Wallet and debit card.

Valorus joint venture Partnership with Carnegie Technologies: Unified Signal and Carnegie Technologies has entered into a joint venture partnership and created a new company called Valorus Technologies (www.valorus.com). Unified Signal has launched Valorus with all of its technology and has built the brand to target large enterprise corporations. In 2020, Valorus has secured relationships with 2 large wireless carriers which combined, represent over 33 million US customers. Valorus and Unified Signal has worked very hard in 2020 to prepare for these 2 launches which are both scheduled for July 2021. These 2 opportunities are very exciting and can easily represent the onboarding of 5-7 million customers in the next few years. Valorus has also just launched an exciting client called Lincoln Dollar (www.mylincolndollar.com). Lincoln dollar can also easily onboard millions of US customers in the next 2 years.

Unified Signal's MCN (Mobile Clearing House Network): In 2020, Unified Signal significantly expanded its MCN footprint. Unified Signal built the MCN to securely bridge the gap between global payment technologies and financial institutions, enabling extremely secure, cost effective, and real-time money movement between consumers and businesses around the world. Unified Signal’s MCN cross border payments technology is much like Travelocity is to the travel industry. Customers can choose from a variety of international delivery methods and all options are at a 70% to 90% discount to competitors. In 2020, Unified Signal expanded the footprint of its MCN to now cover 75% of the world’s population. Unified Signal technology can now send money to virtually any cellular phone account around the world, global checking / savings accounts, 300,000 cash out locations, 1.5+ Billion mobile wallet accounts.

Wellness Services: Unified Signal has expanded its product set to include a robust Wellness Service offering which includes DNA based tests that help customers understand what drugs they may have a negative interaction with, to DNA based test that let people know what diseases a person may have a propensity to develop. Unified Signal’s new Wellness services also includes a $24.99 yearly subscription for medical services which allow customers to see a virtual doctor via video conference. Virtual doctor visits can treat allergies, bites and stings, bronchitis, diarrhea, fever, flu symptoms, medical refills, nausea, sinus symptoms, skin infections, urinary tract infections, and much more. Customers can even have prescriptions sent off to their local pharmacy for pick up. This is an incredible alternative for traditional medical insurance.

Marketplace: Unified Signal has entered into a strategic partnership with Best Buy. All Unified Signal technology users, now have the ability to shop in our new Marketplace. Mobile Wallet users can now purchase all products from Best Buy with funds loaded onto their mobile wallet. No secure information ever exchanges hands and purchasing takes only 5-10 seconds. Customers can pick up their purchase at any Best Buy or have them shipped to their home or office. Over the next 12 months, Unified Signal will be adding more and more merchants to its Marketplace. We are currently implementing Groupon as the next merchant which should be available second quarter of this year.

Data App Redesign: As times are changing and wireless smart phones are dominating the global marketplace, Unified Signal has spent a great deal of time and money building out more functionality into its data application. Customers can now have access to virtually all the functionality that was once only available in the desktop self-care web portal. Customers can now manage their entire account and have access to all the functionality of the Unified Signal system from the convenience of their cellular phone or tablet. This includes international money movement, wellness services, marketplace, bank load / offload, and much more.

Equipment Financing / Micro Loans: Unified Signal has added the ability for customers to finance purchases that are made in its new marketplace. Customers just need to securely provide some simple information which triggers a soft credit check and within seconds multiple financing offers are displayed to the customer. They then choose which offer they wish to accept and money is immediately moved to their mobile wallet so they can make their purchase. We have also expanded this functionality to include micro loans from $500 to $100,000. Once approved, funds are deposited onto the customer’s Unified Signal powered debit card where they can spend those funds however they choose.

Again, a special thanks to all our amazing employees, clients, joint venture partners, and suppliers. When many companies struggled in 2020, Unified Signal was very fortunate to have such an amazing support system which allowed us to thrive and grow. As a CEO, I am very blessed to continue to wake up every day excited and proud about what we have accomplished and what we continue to build. We spent more money in 2020 in R&D, then any other year since I founded the company in March of 1998. The next 12 to 24 months will be some of the most exciting times in our now 23-year history. We have always been forward looking in our products and services that we offer our clients and all our hard work and dedication is paying off. Thank you for all your continued support.

You can learn more about Unified Signal and Valorus by visiting our websites at www.unifiedsignal.com and www.valorus.com. You can also keep tabs on Valorus, and track its progress, by following the Valorus Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

We have also created a brand called MyTime Wallet for employees, friends and family of employees, prospective new clients, and shareholders of Unified Signal and Valorus. Feel free to go to www.mytimewallet.com and click on sign up now and use our technology firsthand. This will allow you to see all the new functionality we deliver in 2021, which is turning out to be one of our most exciting years ever.

Thanks for your time and stay safe…


Paris W. Holt

Paris Holt | Chief Executive Officer | Unified Signal, Inc.
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