Unified Signal, Inc. 2020 Letter to Shareholders

Austin, TX -- 2/9/2020 – Unified Signal, Inc.,

Dear Shareholders,
As is customary at the end of each year, I wanted to take this opportunity to recap our achievements for 2019, as it was a year full of delivering major product milestones, exciting partnerships, and increased sales opportunities, which has laid the foundation for strong subscriber and revenue growth over the next 12-18 months.

To summarize who we are, Unified Signal (www.unifiedsignal.com) is a SaaS (software as a service) based billing and back office solution, which, enables companies in virtually any industry sector, to expand their brand into additional service categories. Unified Signal’s turnkey billing enablement solution allows its clients to sell, provision, fulfill, and care for multiple services, including: wireless, home telephone, music streaming, and mobile wallet / debit card enablement services. Unified Signal’s technology infrastructure allows clients to increase revenues, decrease costs, and further differentiate from competitors in their market vertical.

Major Milestones of 2019:
Fintech Services Launch with Organo (www.organogold.com): In 2019, Unified Signal on-boarded this billion-dollar coffee company who has over 100,000 employees worldwide. Organo has launched Unified’s core fintech service enablement module and pays their employees using Unified Signal’s global payroll processing module. Our operational success with Organo in 2019, has now led to an increased scope of services and we will be launching additional functionality with Organo in 2020. The expanded scope will include allowing all Organo distributors and employees to buy product using funds on their OGPay mobile wallet account. Organo will not incur any transaction costs to process these transactions, therefore saving 3%-5% in merchant processing costs and virtually eliminating credit card bad debt.

Kinesis Launch: After 18 months of development and integration work, Kinesis (https://kinesis.money/) will be launching its US mobile wallet and debit card in the coming months. US based Kinesis customers will be able to buy and sell their commodity backed cryptocurrency using their Unified Signal powered Kinesis Wallet and when customers sell their cryptocurrency, they can do so in real-time and funds will be instantly moved to a Kinesis branded debit card where customers can then spend their money anywhere around the world that Visa is accepted and withdraw funds at virtually any ATM.

Valorus joint venture Partnership with Carnegie Technologies: Unified Signal and Carnegie Technologies has entered into a joint venture partnership and created a new company called Valorus Technologies (www.valorus.com). Unified Signal has launched Valorus with all of its technology and has built the brand to target large enterprise corporations. The focus of Valorus is the Unified Signal fintech enablement suite and further aid in the collaboration between the Carnegie Technologies Team and the Unified Signal team, in July 2019, we have expanded our offices to Austin, Texas. The Valorus implementation was completed in October 2019, and within 2 weeks of deployment, Valorus launched its first client called Work Records dba WorkConnect (www.workrecords.com). WorkConnect is a cloud-based labor supply chain platform providing a suite of integrated enterprise applications for large and small enterprise clients to source, track, schedule and pay its hourly workforce. For the next couple years, I will be personally heading up Valorus as its CEO to ensure that it succeeds in the enterprise marketplace. Valorus currently has an additional 10 plus enterprise clients in its pipeline and is now positioned to make a large impact in the fintech space.

Unified Signal launches companion card & world’s first global virtual debit card: In December 2019, Unified Signal launched enhanced functionality to its white label fintech solution that includes the world’s first worldwide virtual debit card powered by Visa, allowing international customers all over the world to pay its employees worldwide and international users will be able to buy goods and services and pay bills online with their virtual debit card. Valorus is the first company in the world to offer this type of program, having worked for more than a decade with banks and Visa to support this product. In conjunction with this global virtual debit card, Unified Signal launched its family companion card offering, which allows Unified Signal’s client’s customers the ability to provide up to 5 companion cards to friends and family members. Primary account holders can quickly and easily send money to their companion card holders for free and in real-time and to anywhere around the world. Companion card holders can use their funds anywhere visa is accepted and withdraw funds at virtually any ATM around the world. This new technology saves people from paying 10%-20% of their money to traditional money transmittal companies and opens up a new market segment to Unified Signal and Valorus.

Unified Signal and Valorus launch MCN (Mobile Clearing House Network): In November 2019, and after more than a decade of R&D, we finally launched our MCN. Hundreds of payment technologies have entered the marketplace in the last 15 years and yet none of them can communicate with each other. Unified Signal built what it calls the “MCN” to securely bridge the gap between multiple payment technologies and financial institutions around the world, enabling extremely secure, cost effective, and real-time money movement between consumers and businesses around the world. This technology combined with our international virtual debit card and companion card, positions Unified Signal and Valorus to successfully penetrate the cross-border payments space as a major disrupting technology saving customers so much money in moving money internationally.

Unified Signal strikes deal with SEC to become a private company: Since Unified Signal’s inception in March of 1998, it has been a private company. 4 years ago, Unified Signal acquired DataJack which happened to be a public company. Because of current SEC rules at the time, Unified Signal was forced to inherit DataJack’s public company status. But the legacy company did not have any float as it was a pink slip stock and because Unified Signal had no reason to raise additional capital for operations, there was really no way to increase shares in the float to make the company properly trade. Unified Signal has been working with the SEC for the last 4 years to fix this problem and help the company once again achieve its private status. It is my pleasure to announce that in mid-December 2019, we finally stuck a settlement with the SEC that took Unified Signal permanently off the public exchange and made us once again a private company. Unified Signal shareholders will be paid out when the company eventually sells, just like any other private company. This was a major milestone for the company, as it saves a tremendous amount of money and time each year that can now be put towards increased R&D and sales growth.

You can learn more about Unified Signal and Valorus by visiting our websites at www.unifiedsignal.com and www.valorus.com. You can also keep tabs on Valorus, and track its progress, by following the Valorus Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages. The Valorus and Unified Signal websites and social media accounts will be a great way for people to keep up to date on all our 2020 corporate announcements.

I wanted to mention a special thanks to all our amazing employees, clients, joint venture partners, and suppliers. Unified Signal is very fortunate to have a great eco-system of people and companies surrounding us and helping us achieve our milestones year after year. I continue to wake up every day more and more excited to continue to build our business and shareholder value. Also, a special thanks to our executive management team who works tirelessly day and night, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, year after year to ensure that our future is bright. A CEO could not ask for a better team, product, and economic environment to succeed, so please do keep track of all our accomplishments in 2020, as its gearing up to be another monumental year.


Paris W. Holt

Paris Holt | Chief Executive Officer | Unified Signal, Inc.
5400 Carillon Point Building 5000 4th Floor
Kirkland, Washington 98033
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