New! Product Release!

Unified Signal has deployed its version 2.0 mobile commerce enablement product set allowing clients to launch a full suite of mobile commerce functionality.

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The Unified Signal Mobile Commerce technology suite is a state of the art payment management system fully integrated into Unified Signal's convergent billing and rating operating system (BSS/OSS) which is designed for rating and billing any type of services such as Cellular, Internet, Long Distance, Cable, and mobile commerce. The mobile commerce product set has been built to provide enablement software which allows its clients to offer highly secure mobile commerce and flexible private label payment solutions to their end customers.

Stored Value Virtual Account Program: This technology suite encompasses the ability to enable its clients with PayPal type functionality, but with the ability to private label and control all the retail rates and profit margins. This virtual account program can be sold and managed in many ways both supporting the banked and unbanked market demographic. This product is supported by a mobile phone application which can be downloaded to the consumer's cellular phone and used to manage their virtual account.

Mobile Commerce Communications Suite

  1. Ability to customize the subject, message, and priority
  2. Alter message type: text only, text and graphic message, call back button
  3. Segment customer base and tailor message to customer group
  4. Upload and manage your own coupons, advertisements, etc
  5. Used to upgrade Mobile Commerce Data Application
  6. Can be used to remind customers to pay bills or call customer service for an urgent issue that needs to be addressed

Mobile Wallet Product Suite

  1. Retail brick and mortar
  2. Internet e-commerce sales
  3. Street Commerce
  4. Government supply chain
  5. Non manned vending machines
  6. Charitable Donations
  7. Request Money to multiple people